Spontaneity is a Beautiful Thing

I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately after returning from Boston with trying to get my license, work, doctors appointments, upcoming surgery, and riding. It’s gotten to the point where I’m so exhausted that I’ve been falling asleep at very inconvenient times during the day.

However, one good thing has come about from my extremely frazzled state. After missing a few appointments (important ones!) I decided to start keeping a schedule to keep track of all of my obligations. I might eventually splurge on an actual notebook or agenda to upgrade from my current scrap paper method! During the school year I’m usually very organized and avidly use my homework planner to keep track of things. Who knew I’d need to keep track of so many things during the summer??

Anyway, despite all of my recent meticulous planning, I hadn’t yet scheduled any barn time. I thought with the recent thunderstorms that I might just have to wait until the weekend to ride. But, thanks to a quick text from Kim saying I could try Ghepetto today, I booked it after work to the barn to get in a ride. I guess this just goes to show that sometimes the best opportunities come from spur of the moment plans!

Even though Kim said that Ghepetto was having a “bad day” (he threw some silly bucks and bolts), I still had a fun ride. But, I’m not really the one to judge because I say every ride is good no matter what!

Ghepetto is one of the horses that I might lease after I recover from surgery. So far of the two horses I’ve tried, I like Ruby better. But, I’m just happy that I have the opportunity to ride amazing horses no matter what. I actually plan on trying Checkers and JJ on Saturday so I can decide my top one or two and have another ride on them before I’m crippled for a couple months.

Although my situation is a little messed up, I am so unbelievably fortunate that I’m finally going to be able to live my dream despite so many factors working against me.

Here’s a nice picture of me and Ghepetto after our ride.  After the clouds cleared it ended up being a humid, sunny day…perfect for sweating!IMG_2988



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4 responses to “Spontaneity is a Beautiful Thing

  1. What did you have to have surgery for!? I’m glad you got a good ride and I hope you have a speedy recovery and get some rest!

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