He Could Be the One

I am so tired and so unbelievably happy at the same time.  Yesterday was one of those days that only comes along once in a while to remind you that life isn’t always bad, that good things do happen, and that it’s ok to smile like an idiot when you’re happy.


JJ and Val after the ride

Yesterday morning I tried JJ and Checkers.  Despite being so hot I wanted to rip my breeches off, I still managed to have one of the best rides of my life on JJ.  It was my first time trying him and I swear it was love at first sight.  If he were a person he’d definitely be a 12 year old boy named Jonathan who insists that his parents call him JJ because that’s what all the guys on his “lax team” call him where he’s number one player.  Not to mention he’d be a closet nerd who secretly loves comic books…

Anyway, when I went to get him out of the stall the goofball was lying down!


JJ being a goof

Over the course of the hour I was on him, I started to get used to JJ’s style and quirks.  He has an AMAZING history which I will cover in another post.  But, let’s just say that he is a true jumper.  I don’t have any riding pictures or videos today, but I have a feeling a lot more will be coming later on. 🙂

Long story short I think JJ will be the horse I lease.  I know for some people leasing isn’t a big deal, but for me it is.  This is a huge milestone in my life because 1.) I’m working my ass off this summer to pay for it 2.) I can still recall the memory of being a little girl asking my dad for a lease and having my heart broken over and over again from all the “no’s” and 3.) I will finally be able to move up because I will have my own horse to ride, not a lesson horse.

The only cloud that could potentially interfere with this is surgery…that, or JJ being sold.  But, I will NOT be thinking about those right now.





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2 responses to “He Could Be the One

  1. Aw he is such a gorgeous horse!! I hope the lease works out 🙂

    • Val

      Thank you! I haven’t had this instant connection with a horse in so long…I forgot what it feels like to be head over heels for a horse!

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