JJ Freelance

JJ has the most incredible history of any horse I’ve ever ridden.

JJ jumping BIG

JJ Freelance belonged to Oliver Edgecombe of New Zealand and had a professional show jumping career.  He even went on to win the New Zealand World Cup as well as the Horse of the Year title.   After being sold to someone in the US he has now trickled down to my barn.  Although it has been a few years since his prestigious show jumping wins, I could feel his superb power and training when I rode him.  Even though jumpers usually have a rep for being hot, hard to handle, and pretty psycho, JJ has the BEST personality.  He’s sane, cuddly, and loves drinking from the hose! 🙂

tired boy

Now as a 15 year old, I think he will be the horse to show me the ropes in the jumper ring and hopefully bring home some blues!

Just check out this video!  I must have watched it a hundred times since I got home from the barn on Saturday…

I love you JJ <3

I love you JJ ❤



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  1. Such a gorgeous horse and awesome jumper! What an exciting opportunity 🙂

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