Moving Barns

I’m in a difficult and exciting process: I’m moving barns.  Although I’m sad to leave my old barn, it’s more of a fake sad (I know, I’m terrible!).  Honestly, I don’t really have much of a connection with the place.  I’ve been there for about a year and I’m not getting much out of it.  Plus, it’s waaaaaay too expensive for me.  To save all of you the boring explanation of what’s wrong with my old barn, I will jump right ahead and tell you about my awesome new barn!

The new place does not have a lesson program (which is why I will hopefully start leasing JJ!) but they are BEYOND friendly.  The location is gorgeous (imagine looking at water and sailboats as you’re riding!).  Plus, the actual barn facility is fantastic.  The only downfall is a pretty small indoor, but hey, at least they have one.

gorgeous, isn't it??

gorgeous, isn’t it??

As of right now I am finishing up my lessons at the old barn (I buy them in packs) and will gently ease out with the honest and valid excuse of surgery.  I did feel a slight twinge of guilt when I was talking to my trainer about showing after I recover.  But honestly, I’m one rider and I’m sure there are many more to fill my place at the barn…

Have you ever had to experience moving barns?  How did you tell your old barn that you were leaving?





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4 responses to “Moving Barns

  1. That place is gorgeous! After college I made the change to a new stable for a better fit training and attitude-wise. It’s been a great decision for me, even though it was a bit scary at the time. Best of luck to you with your surgery and the move!

    • Val

      Thank you so much! Sometimes even if a barn is great you grow out of it. If you’re going to invest all that time and money into riding you deserve to be at the best barn possible to accomplish what you’re looking to do.

  2. Oh my goodness, that is absolutely gorgeous!! And yes, moving barns can be difficult sometimes… I’m considering moving myself. And while my trainer has already condoned it and can still teach me at that barn (I do want to stay with her!) I still feel guilty about leaving her barn, for some reason! But in the end, you have to do what is best for you and your horse 🙂

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