When One Door Closes…

I’m trying my hardest not to get upset.  I WILL NOT be that person who fixates on what could have been instead of what they have ahead of them.

Unfortunately, my potential lease with JJ will not work out.  After pursuing the lease I realized I can’t afford to pay his board, possible injections, upkeep, lessons, etc.  I was so set on leasing him that I started dreaming of what we would accomplish this year in the show ring together.

Now that JJ is going back to his owner, I’m not sure what I’ll do about my riding.  The “new barn” doesn’t have a lesson program so I might be out of luck riding there. 😦 But, my “old barn” will be too expensive for me to continue after surgery.  Looking on the tiny minuscule bright side, I guess it’s good I have 6 weeks after my surgery to try and figure something out for my riding.

Feeling nostalgic…enjoy these pictures of me and Skittles        DSC_0162 DSC_0076




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6 responses to “When One Door Closes…

  1. Chin up! Things have a way of turning out in the end, and who knows what prospect might fall into your lap while you are recovering! Wishing you all the best!

  2. I’m sorry that’s really unfortunate! Sometimes leasing definitely is just as expensive, or more, than owning… you just don’t have to put up the money to buy the horse. There are a lot of really inexpensive horses out there right now because of the economy and the fact that so many owners can’t afford them. If you’re up for a project and have the experience, it may be something to consider. However, there’s also always people who need help riding their horse. For a while in high school and college I did a lot of catch-riding because my horse was getting older and eventually had to be put down and I couldn’t quite yet afford a new one. While it was frustrating not to have a horse of my “own,” the experience on many different horses was really good for me.

    I hope you figure it out and I’m sure it’ll work out for the best in the end.

    • Val

      Thank you so much! Everything is pretty messed up with the economy so I do have to remind myself I’m lucky to be riding at all. I wish I could catch-ride but I just haven’t seen any opportunities…How did you go about that?

      • I’m not sure, it just seemed there was always someone around who needed help with a horse. GRANTED, I wasn’t riding the nicest horses… I was riding horses who were kind of crazy or young, lol. But at least it was riding. I think I googled a lot, and craigs listed, and talked to a lot of people, and somehow connections would always come up. A few of the gigs were even paid. Or I would work off lessons. Anyway, there’s always a way to keep riding, if that’s what you really want to do, it just may not be all glamorous. And one day, you’ll be able to afford a horse again 🙂

      • Val

        Thanks for the input. Like you said, there’s always a way to keep riding which is what I have to keep in mind!

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