Surgery and Recovery

You know those events that you don’t expect to be as big as they actually end up being? My surgery for example.

I expected to be home from the hospital in one or two days max. I was there for four.


I thought I would be up and active in a week. It’s been three and I am hardly able to leave the house, let alone be “active.”

In case anyone was wondering, I had my right foot realigned. It was just correcting something I was born with, not the result of an injury. Anyway, this surgery is putting me out of commission for 6 weeks (no riding or weight on the foot in general).

Not to mention, I’ve had terrible side effects that are almost worse than the pain from the surgery. The painkillers screwed up my GI track relentlessly, nausea is now an everyday occurrence, and I have next to no appetite. I even had a surprise visit to the emergency room the other night (2 am!!) because of all of this business.

As a result of all the downtime I’ve been having, I’ve had a lot of time to think about my riding and what I’d like to be doing and where I hope to see myself in a year. I’ve been in touch with an old trainer and briefly discussed leasing during the upcoming year. It tugs at my heart every time I think of JJ and what we could’ve done together so I’ve been trying to look forward rather fixating on what could’ve been.

Has anyone else had a big life event like surgery that put everything in their life in proportion?





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5 responses to “Surgery and Recovery

  1. Here’s something fun for you to do while you recover! The Liebster Award!

    Check out the link for details and have fun! 🙂

  2. I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time! And I’m not a fan of pain killers. I refuse to take them unless my arm is being sawed off. I’ll use anti-inflammatories etc. but the pain killers just cause SO many issues I hate to use them unless they’re just absolutely necessary. of course, you might be in that much pain! but most of those side effects definitely sound pain-killer related. might want to at least consider lessening the dose. but every time I’m prescribed them I never take them, I just try to tough it out first- and usually can. Or just take tylenol pm and knock myself out through the pain- HA! Anyway, I’m sure it’s TERRIBLE right now, but take the time to read some good books, watch some good movies, and you’ll be up and around before you know it 🙂

    • and to answer your question- I had all of these weird health issues last year that were debilitating. I was having such extreme head aches that, at times, I would just sit on the floor with my head between my hands and cry. I was having really severe joint pain and some days had to have help getting my clothes on and off, and couldn’t buckle my horse’s bridle etc.

      I think part of it was a severe vitamin d deficiency, so now I take supplements and the joint pain is much better. still not exactly sure what caused the headaches but physical therapy and an occasional muscle relaxer seem to have them under control. I still get pretty bad ones occasionally, but so far none of the terrible ones! But that definitely put life in perspective. Before I took every day without a headache and with the use of my hands/joints for-granted. I try to appreciate the little things more now 🙂 But you’ve definitely got the right frame of mind, so I’m glad!

      • Val

        I’m completely off the prescription painkillers now. Only tylenol! I even ventured out of the house today which was exhausting and great at the same time. But, I’ve definitely learned my lesson with these painkillers…if something ever happens like this again it will be just tylenol from the beginning. The side effects are no where near worth the pain relief!

        Wow! Those health issues sound pretty bad, glad you got them mostly figured out.

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