Aaaaand We’re Back

…to the ER, I mean.

Monday night/early Tuesday morning I had a trip to the ER. I left later on Tuesday feeling pretty much better. I was prescribed some anti-nausea meds and something to calm my stomach/intestines. Fast forward to Friday and I felt good enough to make a day trip to the aquarium with my mom, cousin, and best friend. Unfortunately Friday night and Saturday morning I felt a relapse coming on. Saturday morning I had the same pain that prompted the other trip to the hospital. Trying to figure things out once and for all I went back to the hospital Saturday morning.


I will spare all of the unnecessary details but let’s just say I have a high pain tolerance and I was doubled over in pain with tears streaming down my face. Not pretty.

Anyway, the ER doctor was perplexed. I had a “GI cocktail” that didn’t help, a CAT scan that showed nothing out of the ordinary, and I haven’t even taken my narcotics for my foot in almost a week now. Who knows what this is…maybe I just have the world’s most sensitive stomach…

I’ve used some riding visualization to get me through some of the tougher pain. I imagine myself riding that perfect rocking horse canter around a course always getting the perfect distance. 🙂 It might sound silly but anything that gets my mind off of the pain is worth it!

Ruby's canter is pretty perfect

But, between all of these hospital visits and bouts of extreme pain, I haven’t given up on sorting out my lease. I’m still emailing the owner of a barn I used to ride at. As soon as she returns from CHJA finals we’re going to schedule a day for me to come by and talk (I won’t be able to try any horses until my cast comes off in September!).

Enjoy a few of the iphone pictures from the aquarium…



in honor of shark week




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4 responses to “Aaaaand We’re Back

  1. Wow so proud of you dealing with it like you are! I do hope they figure it out soon 😦 And that’s funny what you said about the riding visualizations- when I was having all of the weird headaches and joint pains, I was also trying to event and qualify for the AECs. When I did qualify, I had to have an MRI which made me really nauseous for some reason. (And I’m clausterphobic). To get through the 15 minutes in the machine, I just rode my dressage test just the way I wanted, the stadium just the way I wanted, and the xc just how I wanted- over and over. It really helped! Except then my MRI came back lit up funny haha. I think I was concentrating too hard 🙂

    I hope things feel better ASAP!

    • Val

      Thank you so much that means a lot to me! I think I’m finally on the home stretch of this stomach thing. But, now that I’m feeling a little better I keep wishing I was at the barn! Interesting that you mentioned MRIs because turns out after doing a cat scan at the hospital they found some “out of the ordinary” things and suggested I do an MRI to get it checked out. This will be my second MRI in 2 months…not really looking forward to that. But thank you again for all of your kind words!

      • Well don’t worry too much! They had me worried to death. The nurse called and said I had a spot on my brain and they had never seen this kind of thing before and I had to come in and get one with contrast dye like, ASAP. I was bawling haha. I thought I was going to die! 🙂 But then they did the contrast and whatever it was was still there but some neuro genius in the area looked at it and said it was ‘within range’ or something, whatever that means. So, I’m sure you’re fine- hope so anyway! I’ll keep you in my thoughts!

  2. Val

    That’s really reassuring…I think sometimes doctors just play it safe and overanalyze everything just in case. But I guess I’ll be doing some more visualization while I’m in there!

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