Horse Racing and Journalism

I write for my school’s newspaper, but just this summer I have become particularly interested in journalism.  Here is an amazing piece of multimedia journalism put together by the New York Times about horse racing and jockey Russel Baze.  I highly suggest taking a look at it as well as Snowfall.

I for one am fascinated by horse racing.  That may be because I’m a sucker for racing movies (Secretariat, anyone?), but I do not always agree with the treatment of the horses.  That’s why I 100% support off the track adoptions and think that a second career and home for these horses who didn’t make it racing is a beautiful thing.

That is just my meek hunter/jumper rider’s opinion of another equine sport…

Let me know what you think!



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2 responses to “Horse Racing and Journalism

  1. As a Hunter/Jumper rider I’ve also preferred the Thoroughbreds. They have so much heart.

    • Val

      I think with all animals given a second lease on life realize how lucky they are…even with dogs, rescues are often the ones with the biggest hearts!

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