Half Way!


Tomorrow it will be exactly one month since my foot surgery.  For me that means:

  • the pain is almost completely gone (I only get occasional  tingling from circulation)
  • completely off all forms of painkillers (prescription or otherwise)
  • I have one more month in a cast

Now that the pain is gone, my biggest struggle is beating the boredom.  If only this surgery had been on my left foot I would be driving to the barn everyday just to visit (if not sneaking on for a no stirrup ride!).

With all this downtime I’ve made some calls to various barns to inquire about leasing.  I think I might eventually write a post about finding the best fit for lessoners/leasers like me (who don’t have their own horse).  I’m sure other people are in the same position as me trying to find the absolute best barn without selling their kidney to be able to afford it….


P.S. I’m checking out one of the barns I’ve talked with to meet a potential lease (6 year old jumper named Angel!) I can’t wait!!!



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3 responses to “Half Way!

  1. Sounds exciting, looking forward to the post.

  2. Good luck on your barn/lease meeting! 🙂

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