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The Possibilities Are Endless…Or Are They?

Ever since my reality check over the weekend (and before that), I’ve been googling like a madwoman to try and find possible leases for this year (hopefully the rest of high school actually!).  So far I have a few possibilities which I will organize for my own sake and in case anyone has any input.  I’m going to be completely honest and open with money and so forth to ensure I can weigh each option accurately.

In no particular order…

  • Half lease Angel at Larkspur: lease fee (unsure right now, possibly $5,000/year), half of board ($700/month), half of farrier, lessons ($65/lesson)
  • Half lease at Twin Bays Ruby: lease fee ($8,000/year), half board ($900/month), insurance ($62.50/month), lessons ($60/lesson)


  • Half lease private horse, Nemo: board and farrier split with owner (anywhere between $350-$600/month), lessons (depend on trainer at Nemo’s barn)


  • Half lease at WRC, Citi or Tucker: lease fee ($500/month), lessons ($55/lesson)





  • Half lease (I think…) Sophie at Chester Hill: not sure of pricing yet for this one






Most of these options right now are WAY over budget. However, I’m waiting to hear back from Nemo’s owner as well as Chester Hill.  I was very interested in WRC, but after visiting their barn today, I wasn’t that thrilled.  I’m not crossing it off my list, but let’s just say that it is definitely important to do that initial visit of a barn after googling it.  Despite the humble facilities, the two owners were very nice and I will probably take a lesson there soon to see how I like their instruction.

Nemo’s owner has been very sporadic with responding to me, but when I do get answers things sound pretty good.  I might try and go see her this weekend if her owner ever responds…

I just discovered Chester Hill tonight while googling, and though it’s a bit further than I or my parents would like (30 min), it seems very promising.  Plus, it’s halfway between my house and school (which is 45 min. away).  I already started plotting the rest of my year, packing breeches in my backpack and driving straight from school to the barn…hehe 🙂 Anyway, they have some horses listed on their site available for lease and one of them is a green jumper named Sophie who looks adorable.  Hopefully green also means not as expensive…?? haha 

I get my cast off a week from today which is making me very antsy.  I’m so eager to ride and figure a situation out for this year that every night when I finally lie down to sleep my brain is still running a million miles an hour!




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Reality Check

I’ve had a couple truly heartbreaking conversations with my mom about riding. I should be prepared for them by now but I’m not. They always involve 3 things: horses, school, and money. My mom speaks the cold, hard truth that horses are not a necessity, school is more important than anything else I do right now, and money-wise school is priority over horses. I always end up crying. Always.

This morning we had one of those talks. One of the lease possibilities completely fell through because my parents decided to cut my “riding budget” in half to match the cost of my sister’s tennis clinics (why hadn’t I fallen in love with a tennis racquet??).

Anyway, despite these talks being the same since I started riding, I, however, have changed. Now I’m looking for every possibility to keep riding despite my very meager budget. Had this happened 4 years ago I would’ve shut myself in my room for 3 days straight bawling my eyes out instead of trying to find a solution.

Out of all of this, I’m exploring other options to keep riding. I hope no one judges too harshly for me sounding like a “spoiled horse girl” considering we all know that horses MUST stay in our lives one way or another if we truly love them.




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Possible Lease #1

Last week I went to see one of my potential leases…twice! She’s a friendly mare (what?!) who is 6 almost 7. I am working with a limited budget so it will be hard for me to find a super made horse in my budget. For example, Angel, is not very experienced in the show ring but supposedly has a good heart and work ethic…I won’t really know until I get to ride her after my cast comes off.

Speaking of cast, I only have 2 weeks left! And let me tell you, it won’t come soon enough. Walking around campus on crutches is a huge pain in the…arms! 😉

I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend…I sure did!





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