Reality Check

I’ve had a couple truly heartbreaking conversations with my mom about riding. I should be prepared for them by now but I’m not. They always involve 3 things: horses, school, and money. My mom speaks the cold, hard truth that horses are not a necessity, school is more important than anything else I do right now, and money-wise school is priority over horses. I always end up crying. Always.

This morning we had one of those talks. One of the lease possibilities completely fell through because my parents decided to cut my “riding budget” in half to match the cost of my sister’s tennis clinics (why hadn’t I fallen in love with a tennis racquet??).

Anyway, despite these talks being the same since I started riding, I, however, have changed. Now I’m looking for every possibility to keep riding despite my very meager budget. Had this happened 4 years ago I would’ve shut myself in my room for 3 days straight bawling my eyes out instead of trying to find a solution.

Out of all of this, I’m exploring other options to keep riding. I hope no one judges too harshly for me sounding like a “spoiled horse girl” considering we all know that horses MUST stay in our lives one way or another if we truly love them.





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6 responses to “Reality Check

  1. Broke my right leg (femur) when I was 15 playing football…, but eh….you’ll be as good as new in a couple months! good luck!

  2. I hate those talks 😦 I was lucky in that my parents did everything they could to help me afford it growing up. But that being said, I didn’t take lessons, I didn’t have a fancy horse, my mom made my show clothes, etc. Only about two years ago, at age 23, was I finally able to start REALLY being able to afford riding. (And even then, don’t get me wrong, it breaks the bank.) But I spend all of my time riding or working to afford it or trying to do well in school so I can get a job to afford it! I won’t sugar coat it, it’s a lot of BIG sacrifices, but to me, it’s worth it. If you want to keep doing it, you’ll definitely find a way 🙂 good luck!

  3. I am an adult and my mother to this day still tries to talk me out of riding, so I usually still hide or lie about the costs of things so she won’t judge me so hard. When she took away my money to ride (which wasn’t much to start) my trainer let me work off a lot of my lessons, and thats really how I think I ended up being half the rider and person that I am today. I am not deterred from hard work.

    • Val

      My mom doesn’t necessarily try to talk me out of it, but I’m sure if I ever mentioned quitting she’d probably be all for it! Uhh sometimes they just don’s get it…

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