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Mini Hiatus

I haven’t had time to blog in a while, or rather, I haven’t had a reason.  Since getting my cast off September 18th, it’s been pretty rough.  I thought the minute I got my cast off I’d be able to hop on a horse and jump a 3 ft. course no problem.  HA!  Boy was I wrong…

I’ve been in physical therapy the last couple of weeks just trying to get my ankle moving.  It was immobile for so long in a cast that even simple tasks like walking seemed daunting at first.  Thanks to my awesome physical therapist, Stephanie, and my young, rejuvenating body (haha!!) I’m now able to walk, climb stairs, drive, and I’m slowly getting my strength and balance back.

Anyway, today at physical therapy I asked (yet again) when she thought I’d be able to ride.  Well, I’ve been doing so well that Stephanie said it probably wouldn’t be a problem if I had a short, easy (walk, trot) lesson this weekend!  I AM SO EXCITED!  

As you guys might remember, I’m currently in barn limbo so I’m hopefully going to combine a trial ride on Angel with my first ride since July!  I will keep you updated on how things go. yayayayaya I can’t even contain how excited I am!!!



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