That Feeling When Things are Going Right

Yesterday, I got to ride Angel. (Yay!)  Everyone is still at HITS for finals so I had the ring to myself for my lesson.  I was warned that Angel was very  bad for the girl who rode her the day before.  I wasn’t worried, only prepared if she should act up.  Anyway, I don’t like this girl, even though I’ve never laid eyes on her!  I only know I don’t like her because she might lease Angel. 😦

Well, skip to the end of my lesson and Steve (one of my trainers) and I are amazed at how completely perfect she was.  I was riding soooooo much better than last week, and it made me feel really great to have one of those lessons where everything clicked.  Every distance, nearly every lead, no pulling, no running around, just perfect….

It’s a really great feeling thinking about how far Angel has come in the year I’ve been with her.  She’s grown so much, and just now seems to be maturing (sometimes I thought she’d be an evergreen…).

Oh, and one of the best parts about yesterday is that someone at the barn said that Angel must have been happy to have me riding her again, which is why she was so perfect for me and super naughty for the other girl.  Whatever the case may be, I’m happy.

Apologies if this post was a little scattered, I’m truly just journaling at this point and sharing thoughts/experiences.


P.S. follow me on instagram!  I post mostly pictures of Angel and sometimes other kinds of pictures sneak in.

Miss the lazy summer days of bareback and no worries

Miss the lazy summer days of bareback and no worries



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2 responses to “That Feeling When Things are Going Right

  1. That’s what we do it for right? All the hard work, sweat, and tears just for those days where it all clicks. Then of course it all falls apart again, but those days are definitely the best 🙂 Glad you had one!

    • Val

      Absolutely!! I’m getting so happy all over again thinking about yesterday…it definitely makes everything worth it in the end to have those once in a while perfect days. Of course the not so great ones only make you appreciate the good ones more!

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