More College…

Yup, I just got back from another college overnight…two actually!  I went to California to visit Claremont McKenna College and Scripps College.  They are both part of a consortium of five colleges (the Claremont Colleges: Claremont McKenna, Scripps, Pomona, Pitzer, and Harvey Mudd).


Anyway, my CMC visit was great, but let’s just say my Scripps visit was less than ideal.  Before I overnighted, Scripps was my top choice, and I think it might still be my top choice. However, I had such an unfortunate student host that mid visit I got VERY discouraged.

Long story short, my host was not a good representation of the school (or so my mom says as it is also her alma mater).  In fact, I’m actually trying to block my host from my memory…


On a more positive note (I think) I visited the barn where the 5 college riding club team rides.  However, going from traditional New England show barn to a southern California, laid back, ranch-looking-but-riding-English barn, I was not wowed at first.  I was actually so unimpressed that I started thinking if I would even continue riding in college.  Of course I can’t imagine not riding, but this place just wasn’t doing it for me…

I might consider looking at other barns in the area that are a little more up to par with what I’m used to.  Hopefully I can find something that fits the bill…

I guess this serious barn search implies that I’m seriously considering Scripps, and I am!  I’m  now down to deciding to apply early to Scripps or Washington and Lee.



P.S. all three pictures are from around the Scripps campus (not my photos)


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