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Happy (early) Halloween!

I know I’m two days early, but that’s ok, today is as good a day as any.

unnamed-2Harry Potter the vomiting pumpkin….

As Halloween approaches, I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do this year to celebrate.  What do seniors in high school do on Halloween?  Oh wait, I know the answer! Go to a costume party and drink.  Ooh oooh or maybe sit at home watching Halloweentown and eat milky ways!  Either way, I wanted to do something this year.

I started asking around and do you know what the responses were?  “I am so stressed how are you not stressed?”  “I cannot possibly go out on a Friday night because college apps am I right??” “I have to get into MIT how do you expect me to go out on Halloween!?!”

Ok, maybe I made up the last one.  But seriously people, it’s our last Halloween at home.

This year it feels like many of my friends are stressing so much about getting into college that they’re forgetting to enjoy their senior year.  And, to be quite honest here, I understand them because I’m in the same boat, but at the same time, I have to ask myself “why on earth would anyone put themselves under so much pressure?”.

I understand that not everyone tackles challenges the same way.  However, I like to take the “get ‘er done” method and just get things over with.  That’s what I did for the college process and it worked pretty well for me.  I did the textbook method of starting visits spring break of junior year (but not before!), SAT once junior year and once senior year, starting the common app and supplements over the summer, and finally narrowing it down to a feel schools to overnight at fall of senior year to ultimately decide on one for early decision.

Again, I know everyone is different, but I just can’t imagine working myself to the breaking point over college.  

Oh, and back to my actual Halloween plans….I’ll probably be closer to the second scenario.  I’m still trying to gather some not college psycho friends to hang out.  If all else fails I’ll go to the barn (in full zebra costume) and just hang out with the horses, then go home and watch horror movies until i cry….

Enjoy a picture of me with my seventh graders that I mentor.  We had a great afternoon carving pumpkins, drinking cider, and eating cookies!





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Has it Really Been 2 Weeks…

Sorry my posts are so sporadic! If you’re in high school I’m sure you know how I’m feeling, and if you’re out in the real world I bet you do too.  I constantly feel like I’m in a daze walking around going about my day.  I’ve taken on a lot more babysitting jobs (to make some extra cash for horse/personal purchases).  I think as I get older, it feels nicer to save up and buy things with my own money rather than with my parents.  It feels extra special that way…

Anyway, despite having the ominous “fall of senior year” title, this semester doesn’t seem to be going that badly.  I finished my common application, submitted it to my first choice school early decision, and took the SAT for the last time (which also means I finished SAT tutoring).  Academically this year is going fairly well…

Now, as I mentioned before, I’m taking on more babysitting.  In addition to that I added one more load to my plate.  I’ve always volunteered to teach after school extracurricular classes for the greater New Haven area, but now I’m volunteering during the day to go to a local elementary school to tutor in a 4th grade classroom.  Both of these things, despite taking up my free time, fuel my love of teaching young kids.

So, to recap, academics don’t seem too bad this semester, I’m done with college “stuff” for the time being, and I’m adding more responsibility to my schedule (babysitting and education related).  What’s missing?????


Yup, I’m only going to the barn once a week right now.  That’s definitely how I’m managing all of this right now.  However, once I found out about my college decision, I’ll hopefully add in a few more days a week (lease angel perhaps, please mommy and daddy!?!).

Phew!  Sorry for boring everyone with my bland high school life.  I promise to make a post that’s actually funny/entertaining/interesting somewhat soon.  And pictures too now that I have a new phone!


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Just a Little Update

I just have to make it through a little bit more until I can start cruising through senior year.  Next Saturday I’m taking the SAT for a second time, which will be a relief to stop thinking about it finally.  Also, I’ve decided where to apply early and I’m all finished with my application.  So… I just have to submit it!  I’m so excited about college that it will be nice to have my application in, but I’ll have to wait until December 15th to find out if I get in.

I did a little more online searching for barns to ride at during college (assuming I get into my first choice ED).  Apparently there is thriving equestrian community about 25 minutes from campus with tons of barns…and they appear to be more “east coast” if that makes sense (attend shows, have covered barns instead of “corral-style”).  Not that I’m against the laid back vibe of a ranch-style place, but I’d rather be under the guidance of a trainer with a proven show record.

Anyway, I had a fantastic weekend celebrating my best friend’s birthday.  It was the the simple kind that makes for really great memories.  Now I have my birthday to look forward to next.  I’m turning 18 in a month!


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