Just a Little Update

I just have to make it through a little bit more until I can start cruising through senior year.  Next Saturday I’m taking the SAT for a second time, which will be a relief to stop thinking about it finally.  Also, I’ve decided where to apply early and I’m all finished with my application.  So…..now I just have to submit it!  I’m so excited about college that it will be nice to have my application in, but I’ll have to wait until December 15th to find out if I get in.

I did a little more online searching for barns to ride at during college (assuming I get into my first choice ED).  Apparently there is thriving equestrian community about 25 minutes from campus with tons of barns…and they appear to be more “east coast” if that makes sense (attend shows, have covered barns instead of “corral-style”).  Not that I’m against the laid back vibe of a ranch-style place, but I’d rather be under the guidance of a trainer with a proven show record.

Anyway, I had a fantastic weekend celebrating my best friend’s birthday.  It was the the simple kind that makes for really great memories.  Now I have my birthday to look forward to next.  I’m turning 18 in a month!



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