Turning 18…Growing Up?

I think this is a really big deal, but I’m not quite sure.

On Sunday November 9th I’m turning 18!  For the past few years, birthdays haven’t been a huge deal for me.  But, as this one approaches, I can’t help but get excited.  My mom planned a surprise for me and my best friend in NYC for the day.  She knows I’m not a fan of the city, but she assured me I would have a good time…

Regarding presents, I really can’t think of what I want this year.  Over the past year I’ve been less interested in material items.  I’ve sorted through clothes, jewelry, books, and even equestrian related items to get rid of what I don’t absolutely love and need.  I’m really digging this minimalist lifestyle that I’ve taken on.

Anyway, this year for my birthday, I’m sure my parents will surprise me with a few presents, but I will definitely have to consider them as “replacements” rather than “additions.”  For example, if I get a blouse, I will look through my closet and donate my least favorite blouse to make room for the new one (assuming that I love it more).

Now here is where horses come in.  One thing that I would choose over all the “stuff” in the world, is having that one special horse.  When I said earlier that I didn’t know what I wanted for my birthday, I take that back.  I want to lease Angel again.  What do I want for Christmas?  To lease Angel.  I’m not sure if this sounds immature or not, but I assure you I feel somewhat more mature as my 18th birthday approaches.

Also, as I am quickly approaching legal adulthood, I’m starting to think of what that entails.  Perhaps I should stop thinking about asking to lease Angel again and start forming a plan to buy a horse?  Who knows…..



7 weeks until I find out college decisions



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2 responses to “Turning 18…Growing Up?

  1. Happy early birthday! 18 is a big one, enjoy it! 🙂

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