Perfect Daaaaay Nothing’s Standing in My Way

Throwback to Legally Blonde….

Today was the first day in a very long time that I didn’t have to set my alarm.  I gave myself permission to sleep for as  long as I could.  I’m so used to waking up early for school during the week and work on the weekends that this was a real treat.  At around 9 am I found myself in bed, awake, willing myself to fall back asleep.  9 was too early for a true sleep in day.  Well, 3 hours later my dad came in at noon and reminded me I was riding and had to get up eventually.  Thanks, Dad.

After the laziest morning imaginable I headed to the barn.  With the sudden temperature change from 20s to 60s and rain overnight, everything was humid, wet, sticky, and all around gross.  Not to mention, I got to the barn early, planning on hopping on early, but that idea went down the drain when I had a polo mishap involving a tiny pony polo with penguins on it….

Anyway, when I finally got on, Angel felt like her usual self, albeit a little poky.  After warming up with the ring to ourselves, my trainer started setting jumps.  One jump after another I was continuously surprised with how our ride was going.  Angel was being a superstar and trainer said we both couldn’t have been any better.  Nothing feels better than hearing that kind of praise from your trainer…

Can you spot the mismatched polos?

Can you spot the mismatched polos?

I’ll let you use your imagination for superstar Angel, but let’s just say it involved a nice, big (but not runaway) hunter stride, perfect distances, and Angel’s big girl panties (she was listening to mama the whole time with no sass!).


Miss Angel



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