Round 2

If you followed my blog when I first started it, you might recall that I had foot surgery the summer of 2013.  Recovery was rough and taking a large chunk out of my summer and fall was no fun either.  Still, I managed to have the greatest summer and fall that year that I can remember in a long time.


Months of no riding last year was rough…

Anyway, I had minor surgery again yesterday to take out the three screws they placed in my foot last time.  Everything was fine and it was barely a one hour surgery compared to the four hour surgery last time.  And, I got to go home the very same day as opposed to staying in the hospital for a week.  Already I’m feeling significantly better and can tell this will be a speedy recovery.  I have my foot wrapped up and some stitches keeping everything together, but will get them out in about two weeks.  I know this means no riding for two weeks, but, my fantastic ride on Monday quite possibly makes up for this…


Finally getting my cast off was frightening and wonderful.


One of the reasons that last fall was so wonderful despite everything was that I met Angel and started leasing her.

I’m sure I’ll go visit Angle in the couple weeks of no riding to say hi and give her some love.

In the meantime I may or may not post a lot but I hope everybody has a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with loved ones.





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4 responses to “Round 2

  1. Have a great thanksgiving!

  2. Fast healing and happy thanksgiving!

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