Ready, Set, Shop!

I used to have a constant, massive wish list of tack, clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it.  However, I’ve been somewhat of a minimalist ever since summer of 2013. Now, I’m more of an experience kind of person.  Yes, I appreciate all of my material items, but now I’m all about what I do with those items.  Seriously, you should see my closet, it’s next to empty but I like it that way! I have what I need and that’s that.

Now, when it comes time to the holiday season where gift giving is customary, expected, and one step away from the law, I’m thinking about what I can ask for that won’t just clutter my life with “stuff.”  Without further ado, my 2014 Christmas wish list:

Tredstep Symphony No. 3 Rosa Front Zip Knee Patch Breeches


Tredstep Symphony No. 3 Rosa Front Zip Knee Patch Breeches via

Reasoning: I have a collection of the Equine Couture Coolmax Champion Side-Zip Breeches that I had loved for so long, but now I think it’s time I moved on.  They’re just not fitting me great anymore and I want something that feels a little nicer quality.  I’ve expanded to the Smartpak Pipers and Tailored Sportsman TS Breech, but I still haven’t found “my breech” the way the Equine Coutures were for so long.  I’ve done my research and want to try these Tredsteps.  And, with Smartpaks amazing fabulous shipping and returns and customer service, I’m not worried about trying them and having to return them.

Higher Standards Leather Care Soap and Balm Set 

Reasoning: I have nice tack that I want to keep looking nice.  Yes, I do have lots of other soaps and conditioners and yes, I might run into a burning building for my Effax Lederbalsam, but I’m willing to try the product that everyone’s raving about.  Plus, I’m a sucker for something described as “warm and sugary” smelling.

USG Ear Bonnet


Reasoning: I had one and I “lost” it at the barn.  I’m not blaming it on anyone but myself, however this time, I will most definitely put my name on it.  I seriously LOVE this fly bonnet.  It’s dirt cheap compared to all the other ones on the market, and looks soooooo professional.  The ears are made out of this great, stretchy material, and the double piping looks stunning.  Instead of using the stock photo to show you, above is Angel modeling her old bonnet.

A nice, wooden tack trunk


Reasoning: I’ve always used the big, plastic tupperwares to throw all my stuff in.  I know that once I get a tack trunk I’ll have it for life, but they are just so expensive.  I’ve explored my options of buying an unstained one and DIYing it, but I just don’t know. If anyone has any thoughts on investing in a trunk, please share!

And for some non-horsey items:

Bow Bracelet from LuELs Decor on Etsy


Something in First Impression pattern by MamaDuckCreation on Etsy

I have my eye on the wall letter or picture frame…I’m thinking dorm room at this point!

il_570xN.638247000_bssj il_570xN.547104536_9ghj

And, last, but certainly not least, leasing Angel is my number one wish for Christmas.  I would trade anything on this list and so much more to be able to see her everyday.

Tell me what you’re wishing for this holiday season!




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3 responses to “Ready, Set, Shop!

  1. love the print on those wall letters and picture frame!

    Get the Higher Standards tack cleaner… you won’t be disappointed! I just ordered the new holiday limited edition scent Cinnamint

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