Riding Post Surgery

For the past week I’ve been going back and forth telling people I had screws removed and saying I had foot surgery…I’m not sure which sounds better.  Either way you phrase it, I was knocked out, loaded up with drugs, and had someone cut open my foot.

Now that I’m back on my feet, I’m wondering whether I will ride this week.  I don’t get my stitches out for another 10 days, but I’m absolutely pining for the barn.  My tentative plan is to load up my car before school so I don’t have to stop at home before going to the barn. Sneaky, right??  I just know that if I stop at home my mom or dad will definitely say no.  However, I’m the only one who can judge my pain, judge my mobility, and judge whether I feel fit to ride.

And, as a little reassurance to myself and any doubters out there, last year, after my big foot surgery (that kept me from walking for two months), riding was considerably easier than walking once I got the cast off.  It felt wonderful to stretch out my calves and put my legs to good use.

Now that I’ve planned it out and convinced myself, I can’t wait for Wednesday to arrive so I can visit Angel and bring her bags and bags of apples (for some reason we have so many apples lying around the house post-Thanksgiving).




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5 responses to “Riding Post Surgery

  1. equineashley

    Be careful so that you don’t make it worse and have to wait even longer!! Feel better c:

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

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