Rain, Rain, Go Away

I had a successful ride on Wednesday even with stitches in my foot.  The most difficult part was physically getting my boots on and after that it was pretty much no problem.


I brought a bag of small apples that we used for decoration on Thanksgiving to the barn for Angel.  I gave her more apples than I care to admit, but so what?! It’s the holiday season and she can get her blanket body if she wants to! 😉 During the actual ride I did a bit of no stirrup (first time in waaaaaaay too long considering I used to be a no stirrup fiend) and that, combined with yoga, has kept me sore (in a good way) this week.

nom nom nom

nom nom nom


more noms?

This week felt pretty quick to me, but it was incredibly draining.  I know we just got back from Thanksgiving break, but I can’t wait until Christmas break.  And, this dreary weather is doing nothing to energize me.  I can take as much snow as you want to dump on me, but rain just makes me want to curl into a ball and never get out of bed.

T-minus 2 weeks.  We can do this.




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4 responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. This week was draining for me too… must be the time of year!

  2. Riding with stitches is dedication!

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