The Not Personally Preppy Monogram

Monograms make everything better.  Agree or disagree, that’s up to you.  However, they do add a nice touch to nearly everything in the equestrian world and beyond.  My towels are monogrammed, my ring is monogrammed,  my saddle pads are monogrammed, even my quarter sheet is monogrammed.

I’ve been personalizing my life long before Personally Preppy, the equestrian monogram brand, entered the horse scene. I had been contemplating putting a monogram on my helmet even before it blew up on the show scene but hesitated because of the type of helmet I have.  Finally, when I decided to give it a shot, I went to a seller on Etsy rather than the equestrian brand.

One factor that led me to this decision was price.  Yes, I know we’re only talking about a couple of dollars, but to equestrians on a budget, those dollars add up.  I went to the Personally Preppy site to check out the competition and found that a 2 inch decal in plain glossy black with shipping would be $10.50.  I’m sorry, but that’s too much for a sticker.  So what if you call it a monogram helmet decal, it’s a sticker.  On many Etsy shops they have the deal that a 2 inch monogram is $2, 3 inch $3, etc.  and very reasonable shipping or even free shipping.  To me, this is the way to go!  Additionally, many shops also have bundles so you can buy multiple decals and stick them on anything and everything.

I had to search for an angle where the lighting would show the decal.  It blends in really well (which is what I wanted!)

I had to search for an angle where the lighting would show the decal. It blends in really well (which is what I wanted!)

I ended up purchasing from Faith and Grace Creations out of Montgomery, Alabama.

I had to use flash to get it to really show up.

I had to use flash to get it to really show up.

Now to actually using the sticker.  I have a Charles Owen AYR8 in black/silver and ordered a 2 inch black monogram for $2 (free shipping).  I wanted it to almost blend into the helmet, just a subtle reminder that yes, this helmet is mine.  Plus, I wear this helmet for shows and I wouldn’t want my hot pink initials distracting the judge as I trot around the hunter ring… For those of you that have seen the helmet, you know it has a sort of mesh covering the silver.  I was unsure how the decal would stick, but so far it has held up the past few weeks.


Black/silver AYR8

Just as a disclaimer, I did not intend this post to be bashing on Personally Preppy at all.  I love that it’s a small business run by two sisters and that they care about their customers.  However, it just so happens that ordering a sticker from them just wasn’t for me.




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5 responses to “The Not Personally Preppy Monogram

  1. I haven’t tried a helmet monogram because I have the same helmet … nice to see how it looks on the mesh!

    • Val

      That’s why I was so incredibly hesitant at first. It would definitely stick better to a smooth helmet rather than mesh/suede, but for $2 I’m happy with it! 🙂

  2. I have a couple of personally preppy items that I have yet to use. I jumped on the bandwagon when they first kind of came out on the scene, and did have some sticker shock (har, har!) at the prices.

  3. I also love monograms and ordered all my breeches monograms from a small seller on Etsy… support the very small guys 🙂

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