This last week and a half before break is a serious doozy.  Yes, I said doozy.  School work is insane, my nerves are beyond me, and I feel like I’m on auto pilot trying to get through everything.  It’s like colleges planned to give their early decision responses during the two craziest weeks of the fall semester… I don’t get it, are they trying to kill us before we graduate high school??

Hearing about my classmates’ college acceptances is exciting, but it’s making me a nervous wreck.  I’m not nervous so much about if I’ll get in or not (my first choice happened to be a pretty solid target school on the verge of safety), but rather, I’m starting to rethink the school I’m most likely going to be attending.  I guess you’d say I’m getting cold feet.  If all of this college application talk is confusing you or stressing you out, don’t worry.  It confuses the best of us.

So, in less than 3 days, I will probably be committed to a school.  Yikes!

On a much less gut wrenching note, I meet Harley on Sunday!  I’m super duper excited and hope all goes well.  It seems like serious fate that I stumbled upon the ad of a horse for lease just 10 minutes from school who appears to satisfy everything I need right now in a horse!

Now, for a teeny update on Angel: we had a pretty good lesson today.  I had to switch days this week (stitches are officially OUT!) and ended up being in a group lesson.  I haven’t ridden in a group in a while and it was a nice change.  I did have a mini breakthrough with my release towards the end of my ride.  I have an ugly habit of way over releasing.  I say ugly because it’s not the worst habit someone could have, it’s just not super pretty.  Well, I reverted back to my controlled auto release and ended up having much smoother courses because of it.  When I don’t throw my arms away at every jump, our ride seems to have a nicer harmony than:

canter—–canter—-jump and throw away control—-land—-gather Angel back together—-canter—-canter—canter—-

This time of year is crazy for everyone, so I hope you all try and do one thing for yourself this weekend to unwind a little.

Enjoy these pictures from last weekend..


I had a great Yule Ball and even took a pretty picture.


Time for the sillies!



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  1. That’s exciting about meeting Harley! Fingers crossed for good college news

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