Where Did She Come From? Where Did She Go?

I blame my week-long absence from the blogging world to a couple things.  I’d like to get you all caught up so here we go:

  1. I got into college.  Duh.  After my last post about getting into school, I had to at least pretend to focus on my last week of classes before winter break.
  2. I tried Harley again.  This time things went splendidly minus forgetting gloves and having all the skin rubbed off my ring fingers.
  3. I started to get sick.  This was the thing that wiped me out the most.  Thursday night I got the tickle in my throat.  All day Friday I was slowly deteriorating.  Saturday I had to work so I was up early and had to stay up late which just aggravated this thing more.  Finally, on Sunday I spent the ENTIRE day in bed.  I don’t remember the last time I’ve ever done this.  It was amazing.  I took NyQuil midmorning and spent the entire day sleeping.  It was beautiful!

I have some exciting news for my next post, but for now, I hope everyone enjoys Christmas Eve Eve! 🙂






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2 responses to “Where Did She Come From? Where Did She Go?

  1. Hope you feel better! I’ve been sick too and it sucks!

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