Thank You, Santa!

Besides getting to lease Angel again until I go off to college in August (yippee!!), Santa brought some amazing presents this year.  I guess I was a good girl?! 😉

I got the Tredstep Symphony No. 3 Rosa Front Zip Knee Patch Breeches


Pretty good view of the breeches here. My cousin, me, Angel


#rootd ft. Tredstep breeches

Considering I have HIPS (thanks, Mom), they fit pretty well. I’m usually between a 28-30 (when I accommodate for the hips) and the 28 fit well. They feel very technical and have nice details all over the place.  I’ll do a full review later when I’ve had them a little longer…

I got a wool dress sheet from Dover in hunter green.  Angel used to have a really nice Beval cooler but somehow got demoted to a yucky one.  Now that I’m leasing her again I figured a proper cooler was in order.  We use them from October-April around here so I think I’ll get good use out of it.


*in hunter green* It has a fancy hip ornament, leather front buckle, and nice trim

I did get the replacement fly bonnet, Higher Standards leather cleaner (yay!!), and a few other things here and there from my sisters and parents.  Thank you, St. Nick, for the Bose noise canceling headphones!! All in all, it was a fantastic holiday spent with my parents and sisters at home.  Although it wasn’t a white Christmas, it was still a pretty good one. 🙂

Now I’m off to enjoy the rest of break before I get back to school and they hit me with finals.

What was your favorite memory or present from this holiday season?



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