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Hell Week is Over

Exams are over and hopefully I’m quickly transforming back from a frazzled, stressed monster into a normal girl.  One thing that did help this week was going to the barn everyday.  After every exam in the morning I would go out and hack Angel before I continued studying for the next exam.  Yes, it did take up a couple extra study hours, but it was worth it.  I was trying my best not to worry and stress so much because A.) I’m a senior who’s into college B.) what’s the point of stressing?  So, going to the barn gave me 2 hours to forget about things everyday which was a very welcome break.


This girl makes everything better

To make things better, Angel was fabulous this week each time we flatted.  The week before when the fields were like an ice rink and there was no turnout, she was a sassy beast who couldn’t wait to run and play.  This week she was very willing to work and on her almost best behavior.


Am I a fancy horsey yet??

Unfortunately I’ve noticed in the past few weeks she’s experienced a few rubs (saddle, girth, leg/spur area).  This winter she was clipped twice, which is probably the cause.  Still, does anyone have any tips for preventing these rubs?  I already spray her with an EQyss botanical hydrating spray (for her wintery dry skin) and put on EQyss cream/gel on the areas with rubs.  But, anymore suggestions are really appreciated!


Staring contest with our friends DW and Charlotte

Happy Friday!




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Middle of the Night Brain//The High School Side of the High School Equestrian Bitch

It’s about 3:30 am.  I had coffee at around 6 pm to give me a little boost so I could stay awake to study for exams….but fast forward 9 hours and I can’t sleep.

I’m so over high school right now, it’s ridiculous.  It might be the middle of the night brain speaking, but it’s also partially for real I think.  I used to be genuinely interested in the classes I was taking which would therefore make me more likely to study for them and enjoy the learning.  Now, during senior year, I’m so over Latin.  I enjoyed it in the beginning 6 years ago…but now it’s just 55 minutes of stress a day.  One thing I hate is when something you used to enjoy gets ruined.  That happened to Latin.

Next, is math.  I’ve never been a math person (except for 4th grade) and at this point it’s another stress in my life that makes me feel stupid every single day.

Classes that don’t make me feel stupid.  Forensics.  It’s new and interesting to me and because it’s only a semester elective I haven’t lost interest.  Physics.  It’s the non AP physics so I feel on top of my game in it. It’s cool to think that physics is literally everything and everything is physics… (?) What!?!?

English.  Not a fan of Shakespeare and yet I still loved my Shakespeare class this semester.  It was Shakespeare and Moral Ideas so I also got an almost daily dose of philosophy/morality/life musings.

I’m not really sure what the point of all this is besides the fact that I’m ready for college.  I want to have a schedule that isn’t crammed with classes and overrun by I don’t know what.  I want to pick my classes and choose what I do each minute of every day.  I want to balance things and get that responsibility but in a sensible way.  None of this crazed high school stuff.  I’ve been with the same people for 6 years at my school.  I’m sick of it all, I’m sad that a school that was once sort of amazing is not so amazing anymore (I’ll definitely rethink this in the future, but for right now…).

I think it might be the fact that it is now almost 4 am, but I’m feeling very isolated, sort of confused, sort of not, and I don’t know what else.  I wish I could go for a walk right now, or at least sit outside, but, alas, it’s 30 degrees and pitch black out…hmmm

I’m so sure that going to the barn during one of these moods would at least temporarily distract me from school/life.


this picture makes me happy.


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What’s Your Dream Vacation??

I need your guys’ help!

Some background: As a graduation present, my parents have given both my sisters the opportunity to come up with a (reasonable) dream vacation.  My oldest sister picked London where every night she and my mom would go to a play (she was very into theater in high school) and even took an overnight trip to Paris.  My middle sister wanted to spend a week sitting on a beach relaxing and getting tan.  She went to Turks and Caicos with my mom.  Ever since my oldest sister went on her trip I had been thinking what I wanted for my graduation trip.  For years I was set on skiing in the Alps.  It’s on my bucket list and I thought what better time to go than when I graduate high school.

However, now that graduation is less than 6 months away, I have to make up my mind.  If I went skiing it wouldn’t be until after my first semester of college because I’d need to wait until winter.  Another one of my dreams happens to be a horseback riding vacation in Europe and that could definitely be in June.

Here is where I need your help.  Have any of you been on a horseback riding vacation before?  If you haven’t, do you have a dream horseback riding vacation that you can share?  Any input whatsoever would be helpful!



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Full Swing

Everything is back into full swing now after Christmas break. I had a FANTASTIC first ski race. Despite placing 66th out of 90 or so girls, I’m really happy with how it went. My goal by the end of the season is to place in the top half. Considering I have never raced for real before, I’m excited to have something like this to commemorate my senior year.

I was going to ride Angel earlier in the week, but she was super frisky in turnout which led to her being sore so she got an extra day off. Anyway, I ended up having 3 fantastic rides on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (today). However, before my lesson on Friday I was running late so I only half changed . As a result I wore a regular bra instead of a sports bra, which I haven’t worn riding in FOREVER and for good reason. The straps were slipping like crazy and I’m pretty sure at times during the canter they slipped completely off. It was pretty hilarious/ridiculously annoying! Saturday and Sunday I just hacked and we did some of the best flatwork we’ve done in a long time.

It turns out that Angel was a bad girl for her other leaser on Thursday. The second the girl got on Angel took off around the ring and she fell off. After Angel was lunged and schooled by somebody else, the girl got back on and Angel took off again. I hate to sound like this, but I think it’s a sign….. Plus, Angel was a superstar for me the past couple days (albeit energetic).

Have you ever had any clothing mishaps while riding? Are you a sports bra rider or a traditional bra rider?




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Sharing is Caring (?)

I woke up Sunday morning with a mini high, excited to go to the barn for my first ride on Angel now that I’m officially leasing her again.  I was bringing her munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts (her favorite!!) and I was going to use my new cooler I got for Christmas.

insanely foggy at the barn this weekend

insanely foggy at the barn this weekend

Anyway, right before I left I heard my mom on the phone talking to one of her friends, “That’s my daughter, she’s a rider.”  It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I think hearing my mom actually acknowledge to others and call me by that descriptor validates everything somehow.  Whatever it was, the good feeling stayed all the way until I got to the barn.

However, Angel’s other half leaser (who I will not rant about right now but I have quite the opinion on) got a new wooden trunk (a tiny one) and put it in front of Angel’s stall.  was supposed to put my trunk there.  Yes, I have a plastic one, but hey, I throw a cover on it and nobody knows the difference.  Being me, I peeked inside and all it had was a few brushes, her paddock boots, and a saddle pad.  I’m sorry, but when I had my trunk there last year it had much more important things.  In fact, if I could have put  my trunk there I would have let this girl use some of my stuff for Angel, too.


I hate to admit it but it put a damper on my mood.  I still had a good time with Angel: spoiling her pre ride and post ride, and we even had a little bit of good flatwork (ok, it was more like a bumbling hack spent chatting, but we both had fun).


When I got home my parents asked about Angel, and I feel pretty guilty because instead of sharing the good things, I immediately whined about her other leaser and the trunk and everything bad in the world….  My mom even offered to talk to her mom considering they were like co-moms in this whole situation.  Mom, I am eighteen years old I do not need you to call this girl’s mother. 

On top of it all, I’m getting stressed about finals in two weeks as well as coordinating my riding schedule with work, ski team, and the other leaser’s schedule.

Any advice?  Or am I overreacting about having to share Angel for the first time?



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Flashback (and forward) Friday

No new riding updates because I’ve been away between Christmas and New Year’s.  I go back to school on Monday and I’m ready to power through this semester so I can enjoy the ultimate summer of freedom…and then go to college!

But, on a slightly smaller scale, I have my first ski race of the season this Wednesday, and I’ll also be preparing for finals in about 2 weeks.  Yikes!  Now that I’m home I’ll try to get out to the barn this weekend.


Angel and I at HITS Saugerties summer 2014 (my little girl looks so fancy!!!!)


Angel and I at HITS Saugerties summer 2014 (struttin’ her stuff)


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