Sharing is Caring (?)

I woke up Sunday morning with a mini high, excited to go to the barn for my first ride on Angel now that I’m officially leasing her again.  I was bringing her munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts (her favorite!!) and I was going to use my new cooler I got for Christmas.

insanely foggy at the barn this weekend

insanely foggy at the barn this weekend

Anyway, right before I left I heard my mom on the phone talking to one of her friends, “That’s my daughter, she’s a rider.”  It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I think hearing my mom actually acknowledge to others and call me by that descriptor validates everything somehow.  Whatever it was, the good feeling stayed all the way until I got to the barn.

However, Angel’s other half leaser (who I will not rant about right now but I have quite the opinion on) got a new wooden trunk (a tiny one) and put it in front of Angel’s stall.  was supposed to put my trunk there.  Yes, I have a plastic one, but hey, I throw a cover on it and nobody knows the difference.  Being me, I peeked inside and all it had was a few brushes, her paddock boots, and a saddle pad.  I’m sorry, but when I had my trunk there last year it had much more important things.  In fact, if I could have put  my trunk there I would have let this girl use some of my stuff for Angel, too.


I hate to admit it but it put a damper on my mood.  I still had a good time with Angel: spoiling her pre ride and post ride, and we even had a little bit of good flatwork (ok, it was more like a bumbling hack spent chatting, but we both had fun).


When I got home my parents asked about Angel, and I feel pretty guilty because instead of sharing the good things, I immediately whined about her other leaser and the trunk and everything bad in the world….  My mom even offered to talk to her mom considering they were like co-moms in this whole situation.  Mom, I am eighteen years old I do not need you to call this girl’s mother. 

On top of it all, I’m getting stressed about finals in two weeks as well as coordinating my riding schedule with work, ski team, and the other leaser’s schedule.

Any advice?  Or am I overreacting about having to share Angel for the first time?




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7 responses to “Sharing is Caring (?)

  1. That sounds like a frustrating situation! Half/co-leasing can be difficult sometimes :/ But Angel is the important part–congratulations on getting to lease again!

  2. emmy1998x

    I share Amber and of course there are things that annoy me about having to share the most important thing in my life – but you just have to tell yourself that no matter how much you think you’re better at riding them or love them most, or get annoyed at them taking credit for work you’ve done with the horse, that the other person probably feels the exact same way sometimes. Just remember that you both love your horse, and that the other person is giving them love when you’re not there (which has to be a good thing), and eventually you should get used to it. 🙂

    • Val

      That’s a really good point. It’s hard to put myself in this other girl’s shoes, but I know I should because I wouldn’t want her thinking awful things about me.

  3. I don’t share well so I have no advice haha! But yay for getting the lease and using new stuff 🙂

  4. I half leased my horse out last winter and I hated it. Not because she did anything wrong, I didnt hate her, I just hated the fact that I had to split my time with him. It is hard to share your favorite horse with others, but know that they other leaser loves angel as much as you do. It gets easier.

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