Hell Week is Over

Exams are over and hopefully I’m quickly transforming back from a frazzled, stressed monster into a normal girl.  One thing that did help this week was going to the barn everyday.  After every exam in the morning I would go out and hack Angel before I continued studying for the next exam.  Yes, it did take up a couple extra study hours, but it was worth it.  I was trying my best not to worry and stress so much because A.) I’m a senior who’s into college B.) what’s the point of stressing?  So, going to the barn gave me 2 hours to forget about things everyday which was a very welcome break.


This girl makes everything better

To make things better, Angel was fabulous this week each time we flatted.  The week before when the fields were like an ice rink and there was no turnout, she was a sassy beast who couldn’t wait to run and play.  This week she was very willing to work and on her almost best behavior.


Am I a fancy horsey yet??

Unfortunately I’ve noticed in the past few weeks she’s experienced a few rubs (saddle, girth, leg/spur area).  This winter she was clipped twice, which is probably the cause.  Still, does anyone have any tips for preventing these rubs?  I already spray her with an EQyss botanical hydrating spray (for her wintery dry skin) and put on EQyss cream/gel on the areas with rubs.  But, anymore suggestions are really appreciated!


Staring contest with our friends DW and Charlotte

Happy Friday!




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8 responses to “Hell Week is Over

  1. Equifit and Beval make spur rub guards… probably others, too. I bet you could rig one out of a no-bow wrap until the rubs heal.

    • Smartpak also makes pads with spur rub guards. I also rigged a couple of old standing wraps to attach to my pads with Velcro and a loop for the girth. I have also seen horses who were clipped except for a small patch on each side where the spurs hit them. It’s too late for that this year, but maybe in the future.

      • Val

        I think leaving the small patch when clipping is really smart…I guess it’s just learning for next year. Plus, she never really got rubs like this last year so I didn’t know what to expect.

    • Val

      Some other girls at the barn do this so I may have to start too…I never had to deal with rubs before this year. yikes!

  2. Vet rap works well too over the tip of your spur…

    If the saddle is rubbing maybe having a fitter out or your trainer check.

  3. Stampede gets rubbing under the back panels of my saddle about this time every year (except this year since I cant ride him) and the only fix I’ve found is putting a mattes pad directly on his back instead of having a saddle pad between. Looks like you have a similar pad to do that with if thats where your rubs are.

    • Val

      I’ve started doing this too in a way, making sure the sheepskin is the pad touching the rub and not the saddle pad. Ahhh the joys of winter riding….haha

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