Empty Nester


Angel pondering the meaning of life.

The horses have been shipped off to Florida and the girls are following shortly.  That means an empty barn for those of us who don’t follow the circuit all winter long (ahem, that’s me!!!).  I’m not really complaining because that just means more space for me in the indoor.  I’m sure Angel and I would’ve liked to have gone to Florida, but honestly, I’m not really complaining at all….maybe someday when I pay my own bills. 😉


Mid-yawn selfie.

With everyone gone, that means Angel isn’t getting ridden as much which translates to me getting to go every single day if I want/can.  Unfortunately, I teach after school on Tuesdays and have ski races after school on Wednesdays.  But, Thursday-Sunday you can bet I’ll be there! Mondays are always that iffy day….it’s Angel’s “day off” but considering the circumstances she gets enough other days off that I might swing it.

The cold, yucky weather in CT means questionable turnout which makes for questionable horses.  Angel’s handled it pretty well, with only a few really feisty days.  Otherwise it’s just small, harmless bucks at the canter to get her energy out.


Chairlift selfie 😉

Overall, things are going blah-good (does that make sense!??)  It’s that blah time of year post New Year’s when the only real redeeming factors are snow days and skiing.  I’m looking ahead a month for when I get my puppy, 2 months ahead for spring break, and 4 months ahead for graduation.


Frosty and Friends!




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2 responses to “Empty Nester

  1. I’m so happy I came across your Blog – I have a passion for horses – always have. I’ve made a vow to myself to own one at some point in my life, in the meantime I get my riding fix by going to a local stable or finding one when my husband and I are on vacation. For now I’ll paint horses on canvas and bring them to life that way. And live vicariously through your posts 🙂
    Check out my Blog when you have a minute.

    • Val

      Thank you so much Marti! That’s great to hear that someone is really enjoying this blog and reading about my day to day life. I took a look at your site and your artwork is amazing!

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