Cabin Fever

I’m feeling the brunt of the New England winter right now on my 4th (?) snow day of the year.  I LOVE snow days and nothing is better than waking up for school and learning that you get to go back to sleep again, but I DON’T love being lonely.  I’ve been feeling a lot of that lately from being cooped up.  Yes, I’ve still been going to the barn 4 days a week, teaching one day a week, and racing one day a week, but somehow I feel very trapped.  I think more so than being trapped in my house I feel trapped in high school.  (sorry to be overly dramatic)


the scary truth of winter

I NEED to graduate.  My mom booked a trip to Glacier National Park for just the two of us right after I graduate, and I’m so excited!  On top of that, I really just need to turn the page and start a new chapter in my life after high school.  I’m trying to enjoy the last few months of senior year, but it’s so hard when I already feel excluded from a place.  



This week she started off nasty.  With such inconsistency in her schedule, she was a real piece of work.  But, by yesterday she was actually fantastic!  Her rubs are getting a lot better, probably because her hair is getting a little longer and I continue to put on the EQyss product.





**2 weeks til we bring home the puppy**


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  1. Yikes the weather!!

    Glad you have the puppy to look fwd to 🙂

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